7 people have been killed because of an explosion that took place right in front of one of the Coptic Christian churches in Alexandria. The blast happened just as people were exiting the church after the New Year’s Mass.

After the blast a group of angry Christians clashed with the authorities and attacked a mosque that was in the neighborhood. This led to fights between Christians and Muslims.

According to Father Mena Adel, a priest at the church, there were around 1000 Christians that were attending Mass when the explosion happened. The blast took place exactly after the end of the service. He also declared that he saw people burning outside.

The police said that the blast had originated from a car that was parked in front of the church. At the moment the investigation focuses on whether or not the car had a bomb placed right under it or if it was actually rigged with explosives.

We now know of 7 confirmed deaths and over 20 people wounded.

This bomb attack came at a very delicate time as there is a rising sectarian tension noticed in the country and constant fighting between Muslims and Christians.