7 Easy, Very Last Minute, Halloween Costume Ideas
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7 Easy, Very Last Minute, Halloween Costume Ideas

Scrambling for a last minute Halloween costume idea?

Don’t worry, here are seven quick and easy costumes that can be made with items you probably already have at home.

Check out these DIY Halloween costume ideas for this year’s Halloween:

Mummy Costume

One easy and fast costume you can make from things found at home is a Halloween mummy.

All you need to do is take some toilet paper and wrap yourself up like the dead!

Be careful not to fall apart when walking around, though – this costume might be more of an ongoing activity than actual wear.

Cool Ghost

A surprisingly simple, fast, and easy idea is to throw a sheet over your head and don a pair of sunglasses.

This cool ghost Halloween costume may mean cutting some eye holes in the sheet… unless you have an escort to help steer you around.

Halloween Witch

Another fast and easy costume that you can make at home is a Halloween witch.

All you need to do is take some black clothing and add a green shirt underneath, then put on your favorite pair of boots for an easy Halloween costume that everyone will recognize instantly!


A fun last minute Halloween costume idea would be going as a zombie.

You can find everything needed for this costume at home.

First, you should find some old clothes you don’t want anymore. You won’t want to wear them again – at least not until next Halloween.

Then, stir some red food coloring into a large glass of water, take outside, and pour over the clothes to your liking. Be forewarned, food coloring will permanently stain most fabrics.

To complete the Halloween costume, add some rips and tears, grind it into the dirt (or add some other food colors), or wear some additional old or tattered clothing.

Brown or black makeup smeared under your eyes is the final touch.

You Animal

Another easy Halloween costume idea is dressing up as an animal.

Items you might find around the home for this costume include a shirt and pair of pants of a similar color as your chosen animal, and some face paint or creative use of make up.

Sports Fan

Another Halloween costume idea is dressing up as a sports fan from one of your favorite teams.

Or… if you really want to shock your friends – dress up as a fan of an opposing team!

Be creative with this Halloween costume idea because there are so many possibilities.

A Book or Movie Character

The last Halloween costume idea we have is dressing up as a character from your favorite book or movie, like Harry Potter!

For this Halloween costume you would need to find the right type of clothing and accessorize it with some glasses and maybe a wand (a stick from your yard?).

Have another last minute costume idea you can share with our readers?

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