In an act of good faith, Sony Pictures has secured the rights to the cult classic show “Robotech.”

The studio is attempting to quickly transform the legendary show into live action, already gathering producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (“300” and “The Immortals”) and Michael Gordon (“G.I. Joe”) as writer. The studio has every intent to create a new film franchise. No release date has been established.

Based on the 1985 Japanese anime “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross,” which would later be localized for American Audiences by Harmony Gold USA, “Robotech” quickly gained cult status for its robotic action and complex characters.

In an era when animated television shows remained formulaic and episodic, “Robotech,” also known as “The Macross Saga,” broke boundaries by introducing characters with progressive story arcs. Several main characters began as villains, only to eventually change sides; others married and had children. No major character was safe from death either, as at least one lost their life half-way through the series.

The story took place a few decades into the future from the original air date. A giant alien space ship crash lands in the South Pacific, its technology soon incorporated into human warfare. Another fully-crewed ship arrives several years later in an attempt to retrieve the lost craft, known by humans as the Super Dimensional Fortress, or SDF-1.

The already established franchise has launched numerous spin-offs with multiple television series, novels, table-top and video games.

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