Trucks and seizures are a dangerous combination, especially when that truck is barreling down the freeway at 60 mph. When a 9 year old girl steps up to take the wheel and save the day while her cousin calls EMS, the two become immediate heroes.

That’s just what happened on Tuesday on US 60 near Mesa, Arizona. Kadie Christie’s uncle was driving when he started having seizures, which caused him to loose control of the truck. Quick thinking Kadie grabbed the wheel and got the truck under control. While her cousin Kolby, sitting in the back seat, called emergency services, Kadie stopped the truck and put it into park. Kadie, who drives all terrain vehicles as a hobby, said she “just got the steering wheel” because she knew if she didn’t they would “get in a crash.”

Kadie and Kolby were rewarded by the Mesa Fire Department for their bravery and quick thinking. Kadie’s mother said that she was proud of them and that they handled the situation better than she could have.

The uncle who was driving the truck, by the way, is doing fine.