Got Milk 2013 Wuper Bowl CommericialMy daughter and I have been previewing the 2013 Super Bowl ads and the top five finalists for the Doritos Super Bowl commercial.

Then it hit us both.

This sudden, craven, lust for some Doritos. I was already thinking it before she said it… “Daddy, I really want some Doritos right now!”

So here I sit, writing this article, while munching on Doritos.

Say what you will about commercials – they do work. At least some of them.

I don’t know if sponsors are trying too hard, or if it’s simply that expectations are so very high that it’s near impossible to meet them. But we found the ads this year didn’t really wow us.

There were some entertaining ones – such as this “Got Milk?” ad with “The Rock”:


And this one is very cute – but I don’t know if it will encourage me to drink more beer (that’s not a bad thing, of course – though Anheuser-Busch stockholders may feel differently):


And Kia’s Space Babies is definitely one of the better ones – especially the part with the baby march to the launch:


But this ad from Volkswagon, despite the surprise of hearing some Partridge Family music (that dates me, eh?) didn’t do much for us. And last year’s Darth Vader one was soooo delicious!


And Coke has gotten some grief for this one – but it is funny:


So we have entertaining – but perhaps not stunning for this year’s Super Bowl. There are a few more of course, any of your favorites we missed?

Oh, yes, last video here – here are the top five ads in the Doritos Super Bowl contest – the ones that made my daughter and I have to go get a bowl of Doritos – we think the one with little girl and little dog is what got to us – “Not Yo Cheese…”


Tell us what you think of the 2013 Super Bowl commercials below!