GTA 5 New Trailers ReleasedRockstar has launched three new trailers for GTA 5.

The game takes place in the city of Los Angeles, and players get to control the three main characters, choosing between them at will.

Trailer 1

Michael resides in Rockford Hills of Los Santos and is a career criminal who has retired. The trailer shows he’s bored with his new life, and wants to pursue the old one.

There’s a rift between him and his son Jimmy. There are some flashes of missions, with a car chase, raid on an agency as well as truck robbery.

Trailer 2

Franklin is the youngest of the three and lives in a violent part of the town. The trailer shows strip bars, car police chases and helicopters. Franklin is going to work with European car dealers to work his ‘way out’.

Trailer 3

Trevor is a drug dealer, but also has his roots from the military and can fly, as can be seen from the trailer where he kicks out someone from the helicopter. However, he’s mostly found on the trailer park and Sandy shores. There are a lot of explosions as well.

All three GTA 5 videos are posted below:

GTA 5 releases on September 17th. It’s up for pre-ordering from different retailers.

Check them out and let us know what you think of the trailers below!