Some of today’s best stars teamed up with living rock and roll royalty in a party for the ages on CBS during last night’s The Beatles A Night That Changed America

The special which was taped the night after the Grammy’s in Los Angeles brought together some of today’s top musicians marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Maroon 5 kicked off the night with two songs, All My Loving and Ticket to Ride. The party continued for another two and half hours at a rocking pace.

The only time it slowed was to show clips of the Beatles in the younger years.

It was interesting to see the individual road each took until they all merged into one.  The show also contained clips of conversations with people who worked that famous episode of the Ed Sullivan broadcast.

In what turned into an arena wide sing along, the honorees Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited to sing some of the band’s classic hits.

Their playlist included Ringo leading a rousing version of Yellow Submarine and Paul doing a fitting version of Birthday. Together the duo sang A Little Help from My Friends. Paul then led the crowd in Hey Jude with Ringo on the drums.

Whether you were alive for the original Ed Sullivan broadcast or not the night was definitely a fitting tribute to a night that changed America’s music scene.