A Shock to Viewers, CBS Cancels Popular Sitcom, The Millers

CBS sitcom, The Millers, has gained huge popularity among its viewers in the first season, but after record low ratings from the show’s most recent episode Monday, it looks like the network has decided to pull the plug.

The family oriented sitcom staring Will Arnett and Margo Martindale recently aired the fourth episode of its sophomore season last Monday, but the final fate of the series could have been spotted from a mile away.

The show had been steadily decreasing in overall viewer ratings since the start of its second season.

As a gasp for air, CBS recently added television guru Sean Hayes to the cast lineup in order to hopefully boost the shows appeal, but the addition didn’t seem to make a dent in the overall ratings, which closed at a steep 1.5 among 6.5 million viewers.

The Greg Garcia series has been whiplashed through multiple timeslot changes. Its most recent placement to the 30-minute slot immediately after 2 Broke Girls, seemed to be the final straw with audiences, but production of the series hasn’t been buried in the ground just yet!

There is currently one more episode set to air on Monday, November 17, and cast and crew plan to write, film and produce an additional episode, but it is a guessing game as to whether CBS plans to air these episodes, or cut the series in its entirety.

How do you feel about CBS cancelling The Millers?

What series do you think will replace its time slot?

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