A Starbucks With No Lines? NY Express Store Opens Today

The idea of walking into a Starbucks and finding no lines seems impossible, but thanks to a new express store that is opening today in NYC, it might actually be a reality.

The coffee giant opened a pilot store on Wall Street this morning to test the express format and plans to open 4 more by the  end of the year.

The idea behind the 530 square foot store is to reach customers who need their coffee fix 1-2-3: no frills, no waiting- coffee at its most basic.

As Bill Sleeth, Starbucks’ VP of design for the Americas explained in an interview to Wired: “you wouldn’t use this express format to replace a café store, you’d use it in places where there’s a commuter path where you know customers want to get that quick hit.”

Consumers should note that the express format doesn’t just cut down on lines: it cuts down on the menu too- there are no Frappuccinos or other Starbucks blended delights.

The store is sleek and designed to promote fast, smooth service where traffic flows from right to left.

There are no tables or chairs, just a stylish wooden bar in the middle and a big menu tot he right when you walk in.

Consumers will find a Starbucks employee waiting at the bar to take their order; by the time they are done ordering and walking to the register to pay they will find their order is already waiting about 5 feet to the left.

The concept sounds great- whether it will work as expected is another matter.

Starbucks did pick a great spot to test it: Wall Street is a beehive of activity and the PATH train is also closely located along with the newly re-desigend Fulton Center, so they should see ample traffic.

What do you think of using an express Starbucks? Do you think it will work?  Tell us your opinion below.

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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