Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming out on October 24, and what better way to hold your imagination captive than to highlight the game’s most promising additions to the tried-and-true Civ formula?

The official YouTube channel of Sid Meier’s Civilization has released a new video showcasing these highlights, including:

Affinities, which are similar to the ideologies introduced in Civilization 5: Brave New World but dramatically changes your faction’s appearances and end-game objectives.

Harmony – genetically enhance humanity and coexist with the new world’s flora and fauna.
Supremacy – embrace nanotechnology to dominate a cyber-enhanced future.
Purity – master terraformation and celebrate everything that makes us human.

Tech Web, which eschews the traditionally linear research paths of previous Civilization games for a system that allows you to pursue research in many different directions

Exotic Research – reaching the limits of the tech web will unlock advances that will drastically affect what your faction can do.
Prioritization – the extensive tech web means that it will be nigh impossible to fill up all research paths; forcing you to prioritize your research into what your faction needs.
Affinity Orientation – going down a specific path will give you affinity points, which in turn will determine what affinity your faction leans toward as the game progresses.

Endgame Objectives, which determine the endings that will lead your faction to victory.

Promised Land Victory – for the Purity affinity, which creates a warp gate for bringing in refugees from Earth to the new world.
Transcendence Victory  – for the Harmony affinity, which creates a Mind Flower that merges the consciousness of all living things on the planet
Emancipation Victory – for the Supremacy affinity, which creates a warp gate that sends a peacekeeping force to Earth with the aim of bringing ‘technological enlightenment’ to those on the home world.
Contact Victory – for all affinities, which involves discovering an alien species, contacting them and serving as humanity’s ambassador via constructing a Beacon.
Domination Victory – for all affinities, which involves conquering other factions and capturing all their capitals.

Excited for the direction that Civilization: Beyond Earth is taking? Feel as if the whole thing is just a gimmick?

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