Alderac Entertainment Group, or AEG, is having a sale on nearly all the games in its online store through Jan. 4.

Most items are 50 percent off, and a few are 75 percent off.  The only exclusions are the 2014 Legends of the Five Rings holiday pack and Currency of War.

Items won’t ship until the week of Jan. 12, and staff won’t be in the office. Shipping prices vary.

Some of the featured products include Munchkin Loot Letter for $5.50, Istanbul for $25, and Planes for $20.

The Tempest and Kanai Factory editions of Love Letter are $5 each.

In addition, for every $10 shoppers spend on the collectible card game Legends of the Five Rings products, they will get “a random draw from our Box of Greed,” the company said.