The new Republican leadership of the United States House of Representatives has begun debate to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Governor Paul LePage of Maine has stated clearly that he does not support the ACA.

The ACA has been the point of quite a bit of controversy since it was passed about a year ago.  Many of the Republicans in the House have taken to calling the federal health care reform law “Obama Care.”

Governor LePage would like Maine to join a lawsuit against the ACA, but he faces some opposition in the State.  A group in support of the ACA showed up at LePage’s office on Tuesday to present to him over two thousand post cards in support of the ACA and asking LePage not join the effort in repealing the act.

Dan Demeritt, the Governor’s spokesperson, has indicated the LePage is under the impression that the act is unconstitutional as it requires all U. S. citizens to buy health insurance.  The Attorney General for the State of Maine seems to agree.  AG William Schneider has said that while there is no decision yet, he agrees with the Governor that the U. S. Constitution does not give Congress the power to make citizens buy health insurance.

Demeritt also has said that the Governor truly wants to lower health insurance costs for citizens of Maine and that he has a plan to lower the states share of the overhead costs that are passed on to consumers.  It is expected that the Governor will present his health care plan some time mid-year.