ABC debuted its latest Marvel series, ‘Agent Carter,’ and boy is it a blast!  There’s been much ado about Marvel’s first female led venture and it’s no wonder– Hayley Atwell is one classy warrior.

At the behest of Howard Stark and unbeknownst to the fellas of SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) , Agent Peggy Carter saves Post WWII New York from explosive technology. Technology with ties to her fallen beloved, Captain America.

Agent Carter is always ten steps ahead of her SSR cohorts who see her as nothing more than a filing clerk. Peggy, with the help of side-kick Edwin Jarvis (Howard Stark’s butler) , leaves a string of badly beaten villains on her path to solving a mystery that befuddles SSR.

Her wit and strength against the backdrop of restrictive 1946 gender roles adds to ‘Agent Carter’s’ grit. It is, too, a topic that series writers recognize and play with.

Throughout the 2 hour premier, Agent Peggy Carter’s exploits are paralleled by a Captain America radio show, featuring its female costar as the damsel in distress.

Peggy does battle while the radio story drones in the background. After an intense fight sequence,  victorious Peggy Carter groans, “Why does this keep happening,” as the damsel sighs thanks to her rescuer, Captain America.

The word play is delicious. Clearly, Peggy still mourns her lost love, but she is anything but helpless without him. On another level, audiences would never have known Carter without the Captain America franchise.

Not only does ‘Agent Carter’ bring us an exciting new protagonist and clever script, it serves as a nice prelude to recent Marvel plotlines. One of the villains warns Carter that Leviathan is coming. Leviathan is featured in the The Avengers during the Battle of New York. ‘Agent Carter’ will provide some interesting history as fans await Marvel’s Age of Ultron.

‘Agent Carter’ airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8 PM. What did you think of tonight’s premier? You can share your opinions, predictions, and insights in the comment section.