AHS S2 E3 – Nor’easter – The Big Fat Storm

AHS S2 E3 – Nor’easter – The Big Fat Storm

Halloween might be over for everyone else, but for American Horror Story… it’s here to stay.

Kit and Grace plan another escape.

In the present the two honeymooners, Leo (Adam Levine) and Teresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) are on the run from Bloody Face, or are there two Bloody Faces?

Teresa watches as Bloody Face stabs Leo while she cowers in a cell. When bloody Face turns his attention to Teresa, she musters up the strength she has left, and attacks Bloody Face using the same knife he used on Leo to stab him.

Teresa sees  her chance to escape and drags, a not so dead Leo, towards the car and hopefully to safety. Yikes, another Bloody Face shows up. Teresa finds her phone and dials 911, as the dispatcher is on the line both Bloody Faces fire their guns shooting Leo and Teresa. This couple is not having a great honeymoon.

In the end the poor unwitting couple has been chased down by two maniacal men who seem enjoyed torturing the couple. Well, one is enjoying it, the other seems to be a bit squeamish.But it seems the two men may be in over their head because the real Bloody Face killer shows up for them.

As the scene fades out to the intro the audiences is left to wonder what will happen next in the present day?

In another lifetime, Briarcliff Manor is having their own issues, there is a big fat storm brewing. So big in fact,  Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes) has given Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) permission to have a movie night.

Movie night is supposed to help lower the patient’s anxiety and distract from the coming storm. Ironically the movie Sister Jude chooses is, The Sign of the Cross. Ironic because in the end the Christians die, not to mention the amount of nudity in it. It’s not the type of movie one would think a nun would choose. But there you have it, she did.

While the storm builds outside the walls of the asylum another one builds inside its walls. Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) is possessed by Satan and is out to make Sister Jude’s and the demented Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) life a living nightmare.

Sister Mary Eunice starts the breakdowns rolling by giving Sister Jude an old newspaper from 1949! The front page news is of a missing girl. Sister Jude feels ill as old memories flood back with no mercy.

Of course, the newspaper is not enough, Sister Mary Eunice is wearing lipstick. Not just any lipstick, but “Ravishing Red”.Sister Mary Eunice claims the lipstick is from Dr. Arden because he knows it’s Sister Jude’s favorite color (place raised eye brow here).

To top off the craziness, the possessed Sister Mary Eunice kills a patient aka the Mexican. Why? Why to feed Dr. Arden’s strange carnivorous pets, called Raspers, that live in the woods surrounding the asylum.

Episode 3 gives audiences a glimpse of Sister Jude’s life before she became a nun. Dr. Arden’s secrets spill forth as his professional facade starts falling apart.

It seems at Sister Jude wasn’t so sisterly but  a flagrant man chaser, who was a frequent flyer at the local bar. Sister Jude’s life changed in one night. Sister Jude was so drunk that on the drive home she hits a young girl on her bike. Its still unclear exactly what she did after the accident.

The memories are a bit confusing. In one memory the little girl appears and haunts Sister Jude with the fact that she never looked back. Yet, the newspaper article insists the girl has been missing for days.

The newspaper and lipstick has set off a chain of memories and visions Sister Jude would like to leave buried. After having sworn off alcohol since the horrible accident Sister Jude hides in her room and imbibes once again hoping to blur any memories from coming back up.

Dr. Arden shows a side of his personality which contradicts his professional mannerisms at work. He has a hatred for women who sleep around and give themselves to men to freely. Which is why he is attracted to Sister Mary Eunice’s purity. Dr. Arden has taken Sister Mary Eunice under his wing.  Although, he claims he has no affections for her, the looks he gives her say differently.

Then Sister Mary Eunice’s Satan side takes over on a visit to his office where she throws herself at him. Dr. Arden is disgusted, yet further along he has hired a “date” to fulfill his needs. Another ironic twist here, his “date” looks a lot like sister Mary Eunice. His “date” is scared off when she finds some questionable pictures of women he keeps in a jewelry box. Frightened the “date” knees the doctor and escapes his clutches, leaving Dr. Arden rolling on the floor in pain.

Meanwhile, there is another planned escape.

In episode 2 Trick or Treat, Lana (Sarah Paulson) foiled the first escape because Grace insisted that Kit come along. Lana believing Kit the serial killer Bloody Face sends out an alarm rather than let a killer escape to kill again. But has a change of heart when she gets some crucial information from Dr. Thredson.

Why has Lana changed her mind? After speaking to Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto), Kit’s court appointed psychiatrist, Lana finds out that Kit may not be Bloody Face after all. Earlier before the storm, Lana pleads for Dr. Thredson to give a message to her girlfriend Wendy (Clea Duvall). Dr. Thredson goes to the home only to find that Wendy may be another Bloody Face victim. Lana fears for Wendy and plans the escape to rescue her.

Once the storm hits, Frank, the security guard, is absorbed by the movie he doesn’t notice anyone is missing as Grace (Lizzie Brocheré), Kit (Evan Peters), Lana, and Shelley (Chloé Segviny) also take advantage of the coming storm to escape. Lana knows where there is a door that leads to a tunnel to the outside world.

So here’s the run down- the four head down towards the tunnels. Except they don’t know that there is a search going on for a missing patient called “the Mexican” and also Pepper, the pin head.

Shelley sacrifices herself  to hold off the orderly Dwight, who almost catches them. Shelley tells them if she doesn’t make it back in time to go without her, but for Lana to expose Briarcliff through her newspaper.

Sister Mary Eunice finds Sister Jude passed out in bed and informs her that some patients are missing. As Sister Jude goes on the search she runs into something unexplainable, a monster or some horror long forgotten. Unnerved she runs back to her room forgoing the search and leaving it for others.

Shelley escapes Dwight by knocking him out only to bump into the crazed Dr. Arden. Already angry his “date” escaped he wishes to punish someone, anyone. Shelley will do because her so called illness disgust him. When he tries to take advantage of her she is scared at first until she unmans him by laughing at him. In his anger he knock s her out.

Meanwhile the escapees have a short taste of freedom because there is something out in the woods that is not friendly. The three escapees run for their lives. When the smoke clears Sister Jude goes to the common room and tells everyone the movie is over!

The audience then sees the three escapees sitting soaking wet in the chairs. Lana, Grace, and Kit are freaked out, but confused when they hear the escaped patients they are looking for are “the Mexican”, Pepper, and Shelley.

Shelley wakes up to find herself strapped to a gurney with Dr. Arden hovering over her. She pleads for him to let her go. But Dr. Arden has already given his punishment. As he pulls back the sheet Shelley is horrified to discover he has amputated her legs from the knees down. Oh the horror.

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