Ever since Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck announced that he will be returning for another school season, everyone has their eyes on A.J. Green.

Nobody expects Green to return to Georgia as this would be a much bigger shock than the decision Luck made. Green sold the Independence Bowl jersey he were for 1,000 dollars and specialists think that this is a clear sign that he now wants to make money.

Since Luck will stay in school, there is a huge chance that A.J. Green will be the first NFL Draft overall pick. This would give Georgia 2 first overall selection spots in the last 3 years. Even if this would be a great honor there would still be a feeling that they could have done more with the players that they lost.

Specialists argue about the NFL Draft first 5 spots but the truth is that we will only know what happens when the draft starts. Most people see A.J. Green as number one at the moment but this can quickly change based on many possible factors.