Amazon announced today that they are launching Amazon Elements – an enhanced shopping experience for Prime Members.

There are two main “elements” to Amazon Elements.

The first being a new line of premium products; thus far, diapers and baby wipes.  The second being added transparency for more informed purchasing decisions.

It appears that the initial response to these new premium products has been a steaming-hot positive one.

Denise S., grandmother of one and Amazon Shopper, shares her experience with the new diapers, “This is the first diaper I’ve found I would consider switching to. I like how soft they are, the design, the fit and how dry they keep my granddaughter. She usually wakes up at 3 a.m. wanting to be changed but she slept through the night with these diapers. No leaks on her bedding or pajamas and her skin felt dry when we removed the diaper.”

Where there are diapers, there are baby wipes.  The response to the baby wipes, so far, has been a clean and stink-free one.

Michelle K., mother of one and Amazon Shopper, shares her experience with the new baby wipes, “I was very impressed with these wipes. They are strong, but not rough. They are soft, but don’t fall apart. The textured shapes in the wipes seemed to aid in effective cleaning as well as preventing the wipes from sticking together when pulling them out of the dispenser.”

Although you probably wouldn’t want transparent diapers, you may want transparent information behind the diapers, and other products.

The extra available information for Element Products ranges from where the items were sourced, to information about when, where, and why ingredients were used.  In addition, more manufacturing information, as well as delivery and “best-by” dates, and more.

Amazon keeps piling on the reasons to upgrade to Prime Membership.

Do you think Amazon Prime is worth the $99 annual fee?  Why or why not?

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