Online retail giant Amazon has kicked holiday shopping sales into gear as it launched its Black Friday Deals Week on November 22.

Traditionally merchants considered Black Friday to be among the busiest shopping days of the years and a time when they would regain any lost profits from the year. In recent years online retailers have dubbed the Monday afterward, aptly named Cyber Monday, as the Black Friday for online shopping. However, those shoppers who are savvy have determined that deals can be had before either of these days takes place and Amazon is betting on that with its Black Friday Deals Week.

The special week that will take place from November 22 to November 27 has promised to offer “huge savings on thousands of the holiday’s hottest products”. The online retailer has promised to scour other retailers to be able to offer the best deals to shoppers.

Throughout the week the site will offer week-long specials, daily deals and even lightening deals. The lightening deals require that a customer only purchase one of the item and that it be paid for within 15 minutes of adding it to the cart. Customers can add Amazon’s twitter feed to get access to special alerts for deals.

The company does inform its shoppers that items can sell out quickly and some may be offered for a limited time span.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States. It was created by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and launched in 1995. Today they have 65 million customers per month.