Amazon Instant Video Now Runs On Nintendo Will U

Amazon Instant Video Now Runs On Nintendo Will U

Want to watch Amazon Instant Video on your new Nintendo Wii U?

You’re in luck! Amazon announced late Wednesday that they have an Amazon Instant Video app for your new console.

The Nintendo Wii U launched four days ago, Nov 18, here in the US.

Sales are reported to be brisk, but we’ll know more after we get through this Black Friday weekend.

Concerning the Amazon Instant Video app, Anthony Bay, Vice President of Worldwide Digital Video for said:

“We’re constantly working to create the best streaming video experience for our customers, and to do that it’s essential to provide access on as many devices as possible. The Amazon Instant Video app on Wii U gives customers more ways to enjoy video in the comfort of their home. The Second Screen Experience lets customers browse, search and even play movies or TV directly on the GamePad controller. In addition, new features in the app allow kids and parents to easily discover family-friendly programming for all age groups.”

According to Amazon, the app will give users access to 140,000 movies and TV episodes, which will be available for purchase or rent. Of course, Amazon also offers an Amazon Prime membership which includes free two day shipping on many of Amazon’s products, and free streaming of about 30,000 movies and TV shows.

Amazon provides instructions for downloading and installing the free Amazon Instant Video app for Wii U here.

Have you tried it out yet? Any problems… or working great? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

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