Amazon updated the Kindle app for Android devices yesterday.

The app sports a 4.3 out of 5 star rating with almost 84,000 reviews at the new Google Play store. But some users are complaining about the update, reporting that the app is freezing up, others that it is slow.

“Slow. every release is slower than the one before. no other app gets the ‘not responding’ pop up like the kindle app. so slow.” said ‘Ed’ in a Kindle app review.

“slow. every release is slower than the one before. no other app gets the “not responding” pop up like the kindle app. so slow,” said ‘Clair.’

“New update was unstable and would crash when opening books I had already downloaded, it also lost my data when I went to open the books,” said ‘Donovan.’

Kindle-App-For-AndroidHowever, testing the app on an Android 4.0 tablet here at CP, we found the Kindle app to be snappy and responsive. It easily found our existing library of books, downloaded a pretty good size novel, and performed searches without any issues. Perhaps it’s only on certain devices that the app is struggling on? We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know if more info comes to light.

The new update includes the ability to check out ebooks from local libraries, enables cloud storage, over 1000 children’s books and comic books, and full color novels and illustrations. It also allows for the download of high-def magazines and newspapers.

Unfortunately, still no flip page turn animations on the Android version of the app, which is a nice touch on the iOS and the (kind-of discontinued) WebOS versions.

The updated Kindle app for Android is available from the Google Play store.