Today Amazon announced the launch of their new Spanish language eBook store. The new store will be part of the Amazon Kindle Store. It will be called “eBooks Kindle en Español.”

The vice president of Kindle content, Russ Grandinetti, said of the launch:

“We’re excited to introduce Spanish language storefronts on all Kindles, as well as a dedicated store for our Spanish-speaking customers in the US. We expect our Spanish-speaking customers to enjoy both the newly-added books in Spanish, and the improved shopping and reading experience-including dedicated customer service in Spanish-that we’ve added to eBooks Kindle en Español. And we’re looking forward to continued expansion of our store for Spanish language readers around the world.”

According to Amazon, more than 30,000 Spanish language eBooks will be available in the new store. That includes over 1000 Spanish classics that will be available for free. Help pages, and both phone and email support, will also be available in Spanish.

Amazon’s new ‘Singles’ eBook format for medium length stories will also be found within the Spanish language Kindle store.

The new Spanish language Kindle store is available over the internet at: