Amazon Now Offering Monthly Prime Membership, But It Will Cost You

Starting today, Amazon is offering consumers the chance to join Prime on a monthly basis, but it will cost you.

Under the new offer you can sign up for Prime monthly, instead of yearly, and pay $10.99 a month.

With Prime you get free 2-day shipping, free 1-day shipping in some areas, free music and video streaming and access to books and games.

$10.99 sounds great, and is a lot easier to pay than the up-front $99 yearly fee, but over 12 months you end up paying $131.88, significantly more than the subscription price.

Amazon is also offering a monthly stand-alone Prime Video subscription for $8.99 a month, a move to help them compete with Netflix, which now charges $9.99 a month for service.

Again though, at $108 over 12 months, it still works out to more than the yearly Prime membership, where video is included.

So while these 2 stand alone deals are appealing and seem affordable for those on a budget, in reality they’re not.

Unless you only use Amazon on occasion (like just during the holidays), you pay more in the long run, making this deal not much of a deal at all.

For those interested, you can access these offers by going to the Amazon home page, clicking on the try Prime button in the upper left hand corner, and then clicking on the see more plans tab under the 30-day free trial button (you can see a pic below).

What do you think of these new monthly membership offers?

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Amazon Adds Monthly Prime Subscriptions Including $8.99 For Video Only

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