When Amazon first announced Prime, all it offered was free two-day shipping for a yearly fee.  Nine years later, Amazon Prime has expanded to include streaming video and music.

Now Amazon Prime includes a new feature: photo storage.

Plenty of other websites, like Facebook, Dropbox, and Flickr, already offer photo storage in the cloud.  The problem with these sites is that their photo storage is limited, usually by the size of the photo or the amount of storage space.

What separates Amazon from its competitors is that their photo storage is unlimited. So if you are a photographer taking high resolution photos or just use Instagram to capture every moment of your life, you can now back up your photos with no limits.

The one problem is that Amazon’s unlimited photo storage applies only to people with a Prime membership, which costs $99 per year.  Users without Prime can still upload photos, but only have 5 gigabytes of space. But the good news is that according to Amazon, Prime Photos will not will not cause Prime’s membership fee to increase.

What do you think?

Does adding the unlimited photo option add any incentive to subscribe to Prime?