Amazon Prime members will now be able to watch Amazon Prime streaming videos through their PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. Rentals and purchases of movies and TV shows from Amazon to non-Prime members is also available through the app.

According to Jack Buser, Senior Director of PlayStation Digital Platforms, Sony’s PS3 is the first and only video game console to stream Amazon movies and shows. On PS3Sony’s blog, he wrote that the app for Amazon streaming can be found under the TV/Video Services category of the XMB menu bar. The app is free.

Buser wrote through Sony’s blog that:

“There are more than 120,000 commercial-free movies and TV shows for rental or purchase, including new releases, classic favorites, major TV shows, full seasons and even new episodes of some of your favorite TV shows the day after they air. Many of the DVD and Blu-Ray titles on are also offered on Amazon Instant Video available through this new app.”

Amazon Prime is a service that started out as a free-two-day-shipping membership service. Amazon introduced free streaming movies and shows into the mix just over a year ago, and has been aggressively adding content.