Hoverboards are everywhere these days, but they might not be on Amazon for much longer.

The online retail giant announced that it will be pulling various models amid concerns that they can catch fire.

According to Amazon, they will not allow retailers and 3rd party sellers to sell them unless they can: “demonstrate that their devices meet the right battery and charger safety standards”.

No word on how exactly this will be measured or by who within the company.

The story first broke courtesy of Best Reviews; you can view their article here.

While this won’t affect Swagway, king of the hoverboard, who says they are all up to code, it could hurt their rivals, like CoolReall and PhunkeeDuck.

In addition, it will probably put a major dent in other lesser-known retailers who may not be up to code as the boards were not being regulated prior to this.

Hoverboards have been making headlines recently: besides the worries they can overheat and catch fire, they have also been in the spotlight because states are declaring them illegal to ride in the streets.

Consumers who are still interested will want to do their research: price is not always an indicator of how well-made an item is or performs.

What do you think of Amazon pulling some hoverboards from their site?

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