Amazon Reveals Entertainment Collectibles Store

Amazon Reveals Entertainment Collectibles Store

Amazon revealed their new Entertainment Collectibles Store today, which features over 350,000 unique and rare collectible items related to movies, actors, musicians, theatre, and more. There is some really cool – and really rare – stuff in the store.

“Entertainment Collectibles is an exciting new category offering a vast selection of past and present Movie, Music and TV memorabilia,” said Peter Faricy, vice president of Amazon Marketplace.

“There is something for everyone. Fans will find keepsake items from their favorite artists, actors and icons of entertainment, and aficionados will discover some of the rarest items for their collections. With hundreds of thousands of items, the store has a wide range of memorabilia to delight any entertainment enthusiast.”

Shoppers can search the Amazon Entertainment Collectibles Store in a variety of ways – by item type, entertainment type, if the item is autographed, price and year. This allows shoppers to discover items such as classic photographs, original scripts, autographed movie posters, and movie and TV props.

Items can range from $0.19 to $450,000.00, depending on the age and condition of the item, whether or not it is autographed, the popularity of the entertainer or production, and if the item is an original or a reproduction.

One thing we noticed on some item listings in the Amazon Entertainment Collectibles Store is that the seller states that the items have been authenticated, and that they can provide proof of authentication.

In their press release, Amazon stated that: “As part of Amazon’s ongoing effort and focus to offer only the highest quality items and authenticated memorabilia, merchants must be pre-approved to sell in the Entertainment Collectibles Store.”

Authenticated items ensures shoppers that the item they are purchasing is authentic. If the seller can provide proof of authentication, it’s the real deal.

Authentication may not ensure that the seller is selling the item at a fair price if it has not been appraised, however. On the other hand, the seller may not be listing the item for what it’s worth.

Are you an entertainment memorabilia collector?

What do you think of Amazon’s latest branch of their online store?

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