Amazon To Support In-App Purchases Soon

A growing number of apps in both the Google and Apple app stores have the means to purchase the app, or added features, from within the app. For example, an app might offer a free trial with a means to purchase it from within the app instead of having to go to the app store for the purchase.

When Amazon launched its app store for the Kindle Fire, it did not support in-app payments. But recent leaks suggest that the program is currently undergoing beta testing and may be fully supported soon.

A number of developer related websites are reporting that some developers are being invited to load an in-app payment program into their Amazon apps. To do so they must fill out a request form. A number of sites are claiming that Amazon will open the program to all developers sometime this month.

In-app payments are convenient for both shoppers and developers. It encourages a system of providing limited time demos, which gives shoppers a chance to try out apps before laying out any cash for them. For developers it’s a win because they can show off their apps and perhaps reach a wider audience than they could if the app had to be paid for upfront.

In addition, developers can offer, and shoppers can buy, upgrades to the app from within the program. For games, perhaps different levels could be purchased, or different weapons or abilities. Business apps could be upgraded to handle different functions or other expanded uses.

We will keep an eye on Amazon’s rollout of this feature and keep you updated here it CP.

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