Amazon is trying out a new way to sell products to its massive consumer base, and it looks like it’s taking a page from YouTube.

The online retailer’s new Video Shorts section –found under Instant Video– offers thousands of free videos, including movie/game trailers, music videos and interviews.

The way Video Shorts works is like this: While you’re watching a video for, say, John Legend’s All of Me, you’ll be shown related items on the right side of the video. Things like John Legend CDs,

Singles and such will be offered while you watch, which could lead to some impulse buying.

There are also ‘How To’ videos for Technology, Beauty and Food & Drink. Amazon already sells everything else, so why not try to help you out in your daily life too?

According to TechCrunch, Amazon has slowly been adding video content over the past year, but is now moving things forward to possibly compete with YouTube. It is, of course, still a ways off from doing so, and Amazon’s primary goal is most likely to generate more sales without using ads.

You can check out the Video Shorts section here.

Let us know if the new method works on you.

What’d you end up buying?