Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX On Sale Today – $50 Off Regular Price

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX On Sale Today – $50 Off Regular Price

Amazon has put their new Kindle Fire HDX on sale today for $50 off its regular price.

Even with today being Cyber Monday, the move is a bit of a surprise considering that the Kindle Fire HDX only came out in October.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the HDX on sale though. Last month when the FAA changed the regulations to allow for the use of electronic devices during takeoffs and landings, Amazon ‘celebrated’ by knocking 15% off the price of Kindles for one day.

Today’s $50 off deal is pretty limited. The discount only applies to the 7″ HDX wi-fi model. The 8.9″ version, the 4G 7″ versions, nor any of the other Kindles, are included in the sale.

With $50 off, the 16 GB 7″ HDX costs$179, the 32 GB version costs $219, the 64 GB version costs $259.

That price is for the version with “special offers”. The version without “special offers” cost $15 more.

The Kindle Fire HDX is Amazon’s latest tablet. It features a high-definition touchscreen, a 2 .2 GHz quad core processor with 2 GB of RAM, runs on an Amazon branded version of Android, and includes Amazon’s new May Day button for anytime of day or night video-enabled customer service.

The HDX also comes with a one month trial subscription of Amazon Prime, which includes free two-day shipping on many of the items available on Amazon and access to a large library of movies and TV shows on instant streaming.

The deal on the 7″  Kindle Fire HDX is good until midnight tonight. Amazon is on US Pacific Standard Time.

Will you be taking advantage of this deal to get $50 off a Kindle Fire HDX?

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