AMC ‘Preacher’ Ep.103 Recap

Quid pro quo is the name of the game in Preacher Ep. 103.

To build his flock, Jesse Custer wields his power in a packed church to “save” Quincannon.

How will the sudden conversion of a clear deviant thwart Custer’s good intentions?

No long term good can come of Custer’s actions. His action is the supernatural equivalent of Tulip’s temper tantrum that landed Cassidy in the emergency room sucking on blood bags.

Tulip, sickened by the injustice of Lacey’s sudden death, takes a swing at justice. And she misses.Her intended target, Clive, remains unscathed while Cass lies impaled on the street.

Now that Cass and Tulip are acquainted, she’s one step closer to learning the truth about Jesse. How will Tulip and Cassidy’s connection influence Jesse? What new opportunities will Tulip discover?

Tulip’s failure indicates Jesse’s aim, too, may be off– Anneville’s decay may be rooted in a deeper source. Lacey’s death reinforces Jesse’s looming failure.

Clive hit his paintball target, Lacey. The ground opened up and swallowed her, which was not his intention. Jesse, too, is likely in way over his head. Will he escape karmic justice just as Clive did?

Jesse is not the only one in over his head.

The closing scene of Preacher’s Ep.103, “Monster Swamp,” is curious. Deblanc and Fiore receive a call…but it isn’t coming in on their motel phone.

Cassidy, surprise, betrayed them– using the dumbfounded duo for drugs and cash– and as they sit and wait for him to retrieve the entity, Jesse uses his power on Quincannon.

Is an angry higher power calling, disgusted by Jesse’s disregarded free-will? After all, even Quincannon acknowledged such a violation as not-so-Christian. A new twist in imminent with the coming of a new celestial intervention.

Perhaps the power has already gotten to Jesse’s head. Perhaps he already, on a subconscious level, believes himself a prophet, or worse, a deity. Certainly such beliefs would help him rationalize his ironic behavior.

Previews for next week’s episode of Preacher indicate consequences for Jesse’s brazen act. His nemesis, Donnie, acknowledges Jesse’s influence over Quincannon. Will the lost flock embrace a new “savior” or will they fear him? Historically, fear has been a powerful, albeit temporary, motivator. One with disastrous outcomes.

Chances are, Jesse will be run out of Anneville. Early in the episode, Cassidy suggests a road trip is inevitable. Cassidy knows what it is to be hunted and on the run. Jesse is still in denial…utterly dismissing Cass’s caution as he divulges details of the chainsaw massacre. How long until the trio (Jesse, Cass, Tulip) finds itself on the run?

Does Jesse fail to heed Cass’s warning out of arrogance or is he simply distracted by the possibilities of his power?

All in all, the episode was rather tame. Sure Quincannon urinates on the mayor’s proposal. Sure we get another peek at Jesse’s childhood via a flashback concerning Quincannon. Sure the episode kicked off with women running around in their skivvies. Sure viewers spend more time in a cat house. And, once again, the episode closes with Jesse using his power. But there wasn’t a lot of meat.

The Tulip-Cassidy crossover has potential. The two have quickly become fan favorites– the more screen time they get, the better. A battle between supernatural and mortal forces is brewing and it’s about time for it to swing into action.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Preacher? You can leave your insights, questions, and predictions in the comment section.

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