AMC ‘Preacher’ Ep. 108 “El Valero” Recap and Reflections

If AMC’s Preacher, Ep 108 “El Valero” taught viewers anything, it’s nothing motivates men for battle like a food court.

Quincannon and the Meat Men are on the warpath, but they and their quest to claim Jesse’s land are one small detail on Jesse’s troubling to-do list.

Desperate to bring Eugene back from Hell, Jesse promises God he won’t use Genesis. Poof. Eugene appears. Or does he?

Turns out a spectre of Eugene crawls from the church’s floorboards, reluctant to talk about the conditions of a crowded inferno. Is the spectre real or a product of Jesse’s guilty conscience?

Once Deblanc and Fiore respond to Jesse’s call, they claim they can help summon Eugene from Hell. Deblanc recants the impossibility of pulling someone from Hell when Fiore, with a subtle smirk, states it is possible. Now the duo has a bargaining chip.

Luring Jesse to compliance with deception was temporarily effective. He surrendered Genesis to the angels, but Genesis refused to surrender its host, Jesse. Once in the coffee can, Genesis defiantly erupts and returns to Jesse. The angels admit they don’t know if they can bring Eugene home.

Deblanc and Fiore give up. As they exit the church, they allude to an ambiguous alternative. Is Jesse at the mercy of Genesis? Do the two mean to let the power consume and destroy its host? Or will more powerful angels or demons appear to harvest the power?

While Jesse deals with Deblanc, Fiore, and Genesis, Quincannon continues to rally his henchmen. But Donnie makes an unexpected move. He marches to his car, puts his head in the trunk, and fires his gun.

Darkness falls and the Meat Men continue their attack, but they are no match for Preacher. The only man for the job now is Donnie.

Turns out, Donnie suffered an intentional hearing loss when he opened fire in the trunk of his car. Jesse cannot control him.

Face to face with Quincannon, Jesse requests one more Sunday before he gives over the church and the land, promising to bring God to Annville.

Does Jesse mean to pose as God with the power of Genesis? Will he use the power of Genesis to call down divine forces before his parish?

Jesse leaves the church in handcuffs before a pack of frenzied parishioners. Jesse and Donnie aren’t the only characters who make sacrifices in Ep. 108.

Tulip rescues a sweet hound. Viewers catch a fleeting glimpse of a kinder, affectionate Tulip. Her macabre motive for rescuing the dog is quickly revealed.

Cursing Jesse, she leads the innocent animal to a bedroom. The door closes and sounds of slaughter commence as Tulip, forlorn, walks away from the concert of carnage. To read about the hints this scene may hold, you can click here.

No doubt Cass is the cause of the dog’s demise. The camera does not reveal Cass, but last viewers saw him- he was engulfed in flames… a desperate attempt to bring Jesse back to humanity.

How much will Tulip have to sacrifice because of Jesse’s abuse of power? Will she grow in resentment or will she forgive him if he once again opens his heart to her? And once he’s well, will Cassidy forgive Jesse or will Jesse have one more enemy to worry about?

Cassidy, Tulip, Eugene, Sherriff Root, and devout parishioners all suffer because of Jesse’s poor judgement.

Will Jesse’s attempt to make amends and save his land create more adverse consequences or restore Annville’s balance? Even Jesse acknowledges the town is more a mess than when he arrived.

“El Valero” closes with a preview of next week’s Preacher. The preview features Deblanc and Fiore requesting a trip “further South.”

Do the two want to descend to Hell to retrieve Eugene, to seek diabolic aid in retrieving or destroying Genesis, or both?

Only two episodes of Preacher, Season 1 remain. You can catch Preacher on AMC Sunday evenings at 9:00PM.

What did you think of “El Valero”? You can leave your questions, insights, and predictions in the comment section.

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