AMC ‘Preacher’ Episode 8, “El Valero” Sneak Peek and Predictions

AMC released two sneak peeks for Preacher’s Episode 8, “El Valero” and from the looks of things- Preacher is just getting warmed up. You may view both sneak peeks at the bottom of this post.

Jesse’s trial by fire hit a critical point in Episode 7, “He Gone,” and there is no turning back. You can read my recap and review of Episode 7 by clicking here.

The first preview showcases Preacher’s brand of dark humor as Odin Quincannon rouses the Meat Men to do his bidding with promises of…wait for it… a food court. That’s right- a food court, the Shangri-La found in every American shopping mall.

As Quincannon’s troops rally in the first sneak peek, the second preview highlights Jesse, who has quite a day carved out for him.

Jesse appears willing to part with Genesis if Deblanc and Fiore help him retrieve someone from Hell. Given Cassidy’s uncertain fate at the close of “He Gone,” it is unclear if Jesse seeks to rescue Cass or Eugene (or both) from the fiery pit.

In all likelihood, he’s probably speaking about Eugene, but Jesse’s arrogance and pride are at the core both Eugene and Cassidy’s suffering. Jesse manages his guilty conscience in a state of isolated imbibement.

Later, Genesis’ domicile, an ironic Old Timer Coffee can, autonomously glides down an otherwise empty pew while Deblanc’s voiceover warns, “It’s over, Preacher.”

But Jesse won’t surrender. In one especially chuckle-worthy scene, Jesse uses anointing oil and an empty whiskey bottle to construct a Molotov cocktail- the detail, an apt summary of the character’s conflict.

Will he serve the cocktail to the angels with whom he initially seems to cooperate or with his mortal assailants?

Another interesting preview item includes Jesse standing gun barrel to gun barrel with his lifelong antagonist, Donnie Schenck- who looks a fool in his Civil War reenactment garb.

Notably absent from both previews is everyone’s favorite Irish vagabond, Cassidy. Tulip makes an appearance after an explosion sequence.

The juxtaposition of her forlorn appearance, complete with a distant gaze, and the flames could indicate she’s eyeing a charred Cassidy. Remember, Cass allowed himself to combust to test Jesse. Tulip asked Jesse what he did to Cass. Will she get her answer in Episode 8?

Will Tulip nurse Cassidy to health while Jesse struggles to save his church…the object wedged between the two childhood chums?

Tulip doesn’t care for the church’s effect on Jesse and she isn’t all wrong for her displeasure. The power of a devoted flock has gone to his head. And, if Jesse loses the church, he’ll have no cause to keep her at bay. Chances are she won’t help Jesse defeat Quincannon and his Meat Men.

Besides her disdain for the church, no one else but Tulip knows the key to restoring Cassidy’s health, but will she use blood donor bags or get a little more personal?

The sneak peak comes to a close with Jesse slumped against a bullet-riddled church wall. It’s unclear if he’s exhausted from a victorious or losing battle to save his church and his damned parishioner, Eugene.

You can take a peek at the two previews and share your predictions, insights, and questions in the comment section. You can also catch up on Preacher at or by reading my recaps here at Consumer Press.

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