AMC Premieres ‘Turn’ With a Multimedia Experience That Tempers Art & History

AMC Premieres ‘Turn’ With a Multimedia Experience That Tempers Art & History

The strong series premiere of ‘Turn’ engaged viewers four ways.  The artfully filmed pilot was accompanied by AMC’s story sync, live feed, and comic book. Fans on Twitter hailed AMC for not letting them down.

‘Turn’ humanizes an often romanticized time in American History, The Revolutionary War. We all know how the war shakes out, but few know the inner-workings of the Patriot victory.

‘Turn’ emphasizes the role ordinary citizens played in acquiring the nation’s freedom. Citizens who formed the Culper Spy Ring were motivated by the  loss and indignities they suffered at the hands of British occupiers.

The AMC Story Sync offered intriguing historic tidbits about the landscape, factions, and laws of the period. These relevant factoids reminded viewers that this tale of espionage is steeped in reality- a compelling factor that seemed to excite viewers. Show enthusiasts took to Twitter, #Turn, to share insight they gained from the sync.

Fans also commented on AMC’s live feed throughout the ‘Turn’s’ premiere. Many fans lamented ‘The Walking Dead’s’ hiatus, but  even loyal ‘TWD’ fans expressed excitement for ‘Turn.’ Most proclaimed they were hooked after one episode.

Lead actor, Jamie Bell, got in on the Twitter #TurnQ&A action and commented that his favorite ‘Turn’ character is John Graves Simcoe (Samuel Roukin). Simcoe is a ruthless Red Coat with a tremendous creep quotient.

It is only a matter of time before Simcoe assaults Abraham’s former fiancee, Anna, which is why he agrees to join the resistance.

In addition to Story Sync, AMC’s forum, and Twitter Q&A, AMC offers a companion comic book.

The book is a helpful prequel. Since the show begins in the middle of the action, the comic helps viewers better appreciate the relationships and conflicts between Abraham Woodhall (Jamie Bell) and his childhood friends Caleb Brewster (Daniel Henshall), Anna Strong (Heather Lind), and Ben Tallmadge (Seth Numrich). It is worth the quick read.

‘Turn’ airs its second episode on AMC next Sunday at 9 PM. Are you set to #PledgeDefiance? Share your thoughts on new series in the comment section.

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