AMC ‘TWD’ Ezekiel & The Kingdom: Sweet Fruit Surrounded By Bitter

King Ezekiel and the Kingdom, the sweet fruit surrounded by bitter, bring a moment of levity to The Walking Dead.

Carol’s slack-jawed reaction to Ezekiel’s theatrics, complete with pet tiger and affected speech, draws some unexpected laughter from a show that only last week drew tears. She knows well enough, though, that things in the Kingdom are too good to be true.

Ezekiel did not escape Negan’s demands, but he protects his people from their arrangement. Negan’s tribute this week, eight pigs with bellies full of rot; next week, produce. The Kingdom knows how to fight, but chooses peace and their lives seem fairly fruitful.

Did Ezekiel comply with Negan with little resistance, or did he have to learn the hard way like Rick? If Ezekiel suffered an ordeal similar to the likes of Rick, his break with reality is understandable.  The man behaves as if he’s in a fairytale; Negan, no doubt, is his dragon.

But is there a method to his madness? He confides in Carol that he gives the people what they need, someone to follow, someone that makes them feel safe.

As he shares his story with Carol, a clear parallel is drawn between Shiva and Carol. Ezekiel recognizes the power and danger in both of them. Will Ezekiel succeed in convincing Carol to embrace the contradictions of the new world?

The intimate moment of honesty between the two characters may lay the groundwork for a budding romance. In the comic series, Ezekiel and Michonne find love, but Michonne and Rick are romantic partners in the AMC series.

Will Carol fill the role of Ezekiel’s romantic partner in the AMC series? How will the potential for love change the dynamics of Carol’s character? Will love make her stronger or will it make her vulnerable by giving her something to lose?

Carol ultimately leaves the Kingdom, but will she resist Ezekiel’s charm? It’s not every day a man shows up on a woman’s doorstep with a tamed tiger and fresh pomegranate.

Was tonight’s episode a breath of fresh air after last week’s tension, or were you disappointed not see the fall out in Alexandria? What did you think of Ezekiel’s on screen debut? You can leave you predictions, questions, and insights in the comment section.

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