Wednesday saw the end of the auditions phase on American Idol and viewers were treated to extensive talent, plenty of sad stories and even some humor before Hollywood week begins on Thursday.

After what seemed a depressing run in Los Angeles last week, viewers and judges were hopeful that San Francisco had more to offer and they were not disappointed. They were treated to several vocalists that judges believed possessed the special spark to move forward. Many of whom were moving on from the problems in their lives.

In a season that has been marked by the sad story, Wednesday’s show was no exception. There was a hopeful that had survived a fatal car accident. One that had moved from violence in Colombia to chase the American dream. Even one whose home had burned down only days before. All of which made it through to Hollywood.

Though the judges found them talented and even remarked that the woman from Colombia might just be talented enough to win the entire competition, no one touched them quite as much as the final contestant. A young man with tourette’s, Asperger’s Syndrome, a wife and a small child he entered the room with the hope that everyone has. His voice and abilities blew the judges away and they were in awe of his range and his abilities.

Not all of the night was spent with the serious. From the beginning there was humor as a contestant was let go after passing gas in the audition. Judge Steven Tyler had his first ever night of getting irritated with contestants and letting his angry side show. Though many have come through in costumes, none quite matched the transformers costume that appeared on the final night. Made from a real power wheels, it was able to transport the contestant back home since he did not make it through.