This season of auditions for American Idol has included a selection of heart wrenching stories, but none touched the judges and viewers quite like that of hopeful Chris Medina.

After years together the idol hopeful and his fiance were two months away from their wedding day when she was in a car accident. Injuries from the accident left her with brain damage and an extended coma. Never giving up, Medina stayed by her side until she woke up and has since become a primary caregiver.

Chris Medina’s story grabbed the hearts of the judges and his rendition of Script’s “Break Even” grabbed their attention. They requested he bring in his fiance and they showered her with hugs and attention. Steven Tyler leaned in close to tell her that her fiance sang so well because he was singing to and for her. Afterwards they broke the news to both that Chris was headed to Hollywood.

After leaving the room, the wheelchair bound fiance whispered something to Medina that only he could hear. With a smile and a chuckle he shared with the camera that her words had been “I knew it”.