Tonight on Season 12 of American Idol, the Top 9 finalists took on the theme “songs by the Beatles.”

Before the performances, host Ryan Seacrest brought Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew to the stage in order to announce who the voters decided as the 11th member to join the Top 10 on the American Idol Live Tour.

The winner ended up being Aubrey Cleland!

It was then time for the contestants to perform!

Kree Harrison put her lovable country twang on the song “With A Little Help From My Friends.” While Burnell Taylor, who admitted to not knowing much about the Beatles, gave a very soulful performance of “Let It Be.”

The first performance that stood out from the rest was Candice Glover.

Candice Glover once again proved she could do no wrong as she performed “Come Together.” This girl is unstoppable. Her voice is simply breathe-taking.

Keith Urban explained, “I loved seeing you in this whole other vibe. The rock chick side of you is absolutely killer.”

Randy Jackson discussed how he thinks Glover’s voice is crazy and exclaimed: “I’m so happy to see you do an up-tempo.”

Mariah Carey proclaimed: “You murdered this song.”

The second performance that stood out from the rest was Angie Miller.

Miller gave an absolutely stunning performance of “Yesterday.”

Randy expressed that Miller is one of his favorites in the competition. He stated: “You gave a stellar performance and emoted from your heart. You got a rock edge to your voice and you should never be afraid to show it no matter who says what.”

Mariah Carey commended Miller for doing a very respectful cover of the song, but still showed her voice.

Nicki Minaj described Miller’s performance as “unbelievably amazing.” She continued, “I loved how you started at a high key and showed us your range all the way through. I could see you doing soundtracks to movies or Broadway. You can do anything you want with your voice.”

Who was your favorite of the night? Leave your thoughts below!