Lee DewzeThrough the monitoring of millions of conversations taking place on social sites, a company called Attensity Group was able to correctly predict that the winner of the ninth season of American Idol would be Lee Dewyze.

Attensity’s IdolStats.com was able to summarize the buzz about American Idol season 9, and evaluate the chatter from publicly available blogs, forums, online news and social networks. They analyzed the data and ranked Idol contestants based on positive and negative sentiment, and how many times each contestant was mentioned.

Brad Brodigan, SVP and General Manager of Attensity, said, “Over 23 million Americans tuned into the American Idol finale this year to find out whether Crystal or Lee would be this season’s winner, but at IdolStats.com we knew the answer well in advance.”

The prediction was a demonstration of what can be learned through the monitoring of publicly available conversations on the Internet.  Other uses could be measurements about conversations related to companies, products, competitions, popularity, politics, or to measure the results of promotions and campaigns.

(photo: wikipedia/Dr.finkelstein09)