American Idol’s Top 2 Perform: Candice Glover vs. Kree Harrison
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American Idol’s Top 2 Perform: Candice Glover vs. Kree Harrison

It’s down to the final two on Fox’s Season 12 of American Idol. It’s soul singer Candice Glover versus country singer Kree Harrison.

Tonight the three rounds will be Simon Fuller’s song choice, the finalists’ very own original single, and a reprisal of their best performances from the season.

Let’s dig into the performance!

Round 1

Kree Harrison performs “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

Not sure we absolutely loved the song choice, but Kree did manage to give a great vocal as she sang the song with such effortlessness. She didn’t add some crazy big note or have any vocally acrobatic wow moments, but it still worked. This was not our absolute favorite by Kree, but still a solid performance.

Candice Glover performs “Chasing Pavements” by Adele

Again not sure we loved the song choice for Candice, but Candice did manage to make the song her own. She added
her own jazzy/blusey twist to the song and colored the song with such pretty runs! Overall, we loved her interpretation of the song.

Mariah says she is so proud to be part of this season. She specifically says, “This talent is so magnificent. It’s on a level that is mind boggling.” She gives credit to both contestants, who she says come from very different genres, but they both are still at the top of where they need to be.

Randy says he is not sure these were the right song choices. He describes the song choices as sleepy, but gives the edge of Round 1 to Candice because she took the song and tried to make more of out of it. We agree with Randy on this one! Round 1 goes to Candice Glover.

Round 2

Kree Harrison performs “All Cried Out”

WOW. We personally loved Kree on this song. She sang impeccably and seemed so emotionally connected. It’s a song that will be a fitting single if Kree ends up winning the competition.

Candice Glover performs “I Am Beautiful”

Candice’s single was also a perfect fit for her. She as always sounded amazing and she sang the song with incredible passion and heart. We got the chills. It was a beautiful moment. Our hearts melted as Candice held back her tears after performing the song! You could tell she was feeling every word and deeply connected to the message of the song.

Nicki Minaj says she loved Kree’s understated composure throughout the song. She says Kree “reached down in the gut more than she ever has before.”

Keith says for him he believes it is soul versus soul for the two ladies. He says the songs are tailor made for the girls and says that Candice’s song “fits her like a Glover.” Ha, clever clever Keith!

Ryan asks both Keith and Nicki who won this round. Keith says Kree, while Nicki says Candice. We have to agree with Nicki on this one and once again give this round to Candice!

Round 3

Kree Harrison Performs “Up to The Mountain”
This was a brilliant song choice by Kree. It was absolutely flawless and definitely her best performance in the entire competition.
Keith thinks Kree did a beautiful job, while Nicki says she is glad Kree performed that song. She says the energy was so uplifting. She says the song really showcased Kree’s beautiful voice.

Randy says this was Kree’s best performance of the night. He calls it a “winning performance.”

Mariah agrees with Randy. She says she felt the diversity of all her song choices. Mariah states: “You have something special so its going to be very difficult for America to decide.”

Candice Glover Performs “I Who Have Nothing”

We were crossing our fingers that Candice would chose to cover The Cure’s “Love Song,” so we were a bit bummed when she chose to instead cover this song. However, it was still a winning performance! We loved how she sang the beginning of the song acapella. She once again reminded us of the ridiculously jaw-dropping power in her voice.

Keith says, “Omgosh it’s just crazy, you are such a powerhouse singer. You sang that song like a planet exploding to life.”
Nicki pronounces, “What comes across from you is a superstar who commands the stage. This is a big stage and the fact that you always walk on there and own it immediately — Salute!

Randy says, “That girl can flat out sing. This how you do it. That was a winning performance. You just shut it down, you got it all.”

Mariah emphasizes, “It doesn’t matter if you sing the same song every week. You have the ability to take any song and turn it to a vehicle for that amazing voice. You have an undeniable talent that surpasses what I could have ever imagined I could see here. I know I am going to be listening to you for years to come.”

Although we loved Kree’s final performance, Candice’s performance was on a whole other level of greatness. That performance alone should crown her the next winner of American Idol!

Who was your favorite tonight? Who do you think should be crowned the next winner of American Idol? Leave your thoughts below!

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