American Ninja Warrior 7/21 Recap: St. Louis City Finals!

American Ninja Warrior traveled back to St. Louis, Missouri for the city finals. During the qualifying round, Michelle Warnky became the second woman to complete a qualifying round behind Kacy Catanzaro. Can she continue her success and complete the finals course?

The course begins with the same six obstacles from qualifying: the Quintuple Steps, Rolling Log, Bridge of Blades, Rope Swing into Cargo Net, Double Tilt Ladder, and the Warped Wall. Once the contestants make it up the Warped Wall, there are four more obstacles: the Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, Crazy Cliffhanger (new), and the Spider Climb. The top 15 will move on to Stage 1 in Las Vegas.

Raymond Butler is just 5’2” tall and failed to make it up the Warped Wall in qualifying. Tonight he made his way up, but failed on the first rung of the Salmon Ladder.

Mathew Harris failed at the Warped Wall during qualifying, but had no problems with it tonight. He made it all the way to the Rumbling Dice, but lost steam fast. He went for an early dismount, however his grip strength gave out before he could gain momentum.

Travis Rosen is a seasoned veteran who was also apart of the team that defeated the Japanese in the USA vs Japan competition. In a shocking twist, he went out on the Crazy Cliffhanger.

Brent Ruffin is a fan favorite who is also called the “Redneck Ninja”. He started having problems early on in the course, and those problems continued when he made it to the top of the Salmon Ladder and then slipped.

Chris Wilczewski is big brother to fellow competitor Brian. Last season Chris went out on the qualifying course, so he is back to redeem last years performance. He did just that tonight, and finished the finals course.

Jamie Rahn is back for his fifth season on ANW. Better known as “Captain NBC”, Rahn had a flawless run as usual. He completed the course and moves on to Stage 1 in Las Vegas.

Rob Moravsky is cousin to fellow competitor Joe Moravsky. Known as the “Adonis” for his good looks, Rob ran out of steam on the Salmon Ladder and fell on the last rung.

Andrew Karson has competed on all six seasons of ANW. This is the first season he son is at the course to watch him compete. His son being present gave him the boost he needed to successfully complete the course and move on to the next round.

Elet Hall is known as “The Natural” because he makes his way through the course effortlessly. He lived up to his name tonight, completing the course.

Michelle Warnky is just the second woman in ANW history to complete a qualifying course. Tonight she became the second woman ever to make it to the Salmon Ladder, however she didn’t get a good enough jump off the trampoline and failed to grab the Salmon Ladder.

Brian Wilczewski made his ANW debut last season when he stepped out of his older brother Chris’ shadow. With his completion of the finals course tonight, the Wilczewski brothers are the first brothers to make it to Las Vegas.

Joe Moravsky made it to Stage 3 last season and has been a star ever since. He knocked the Rolling Dice off the tracks, but managed to make a dismount, saving his run. He continued through the Crazy Cliffhanger and the Spider Climb to claim the fastest time of the night.

These top 15 competitors are moving on to Stage 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada:

1. Joe Moravsky
2. Elet Hall
3. Andrew Karsen
4. Michael Needham
5. Dan Galiczynski
6. Jamie Rahn
7. Brian Wilczewski
8. Geoff Britten
9. Chris Wilczewski
10. Tukrong “TK” Klengdong
11. Travis Rosen
12. Aaron Himelright
13. Andrew Lowes
14. Dan Pollizi
15. Matthew Schumann

Next week American Ninja Warrior travels back to Miami, Florida for the city finals.

You can watch American Ninja Warrior Mondays at 9/8c on NBC, and Tuesdays on the Esquire Network.

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