Amtrak To Restore Service Between NY & Philadelphia; Adding New Safety Controls.

Amtrak has announced that starting Monday morning (May 18) service will be fully restored between NY and Philadelphia, as well as the rest of the Northeast Corridor.

Service along the corridor will resume Monday with the 5:30 A.M. (EST) southbound train leaving New York City and the 5:53 A.M. (EST) northbound train leaving Philadelphia;  all Acela Express, Northeast Regional and other services that were disrupted will be restored as well.

As commuters know, service has been shut down since last Tuesday due to a fatal train derailment  that left 8 dead and many more injured.

Amtrak’s president, Joseph Boardman, said in a statement that not only is service being restored, but that “infrastructure repairs have been made with the utmost care and emphasis on infrastructure integrity including complete compliance with Federal Railroad Administration directives,”

This includes the installation of a speed-control system, which was already in place along the southbound trains in the area prior to Tuesday.

Amtrak was told on Saturday by the Federal Railroad Administration to have the speed-control system installed and operational on all northbound trains at the derailment site.

The derailment is still being investigated, although the latest reports indicate the train engineer was responsible and increased speed just prior to making a dangerous turn, causing the accident.

Commuters can go to Amtrak’s website for additional updates.

What do you think about the installation of the speed-control system?  Tell us your thoughts below.

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