MTV’s reality show Are You The One presented a new premise for reality TV: professional matchmakers have profiled 20 single adults (10 guys, 10 ladies) that live together for 10 weeks and try to find their “perfect match.”

Matches are based on the profiles and compatibility determined by the matchmakers.

Each week, contestants have a challenge, and the house can vote one of the top couples into the “truth booth.”

When a couple enters the truth booth, it tells them if they have found their perfect match, or if the two don’t match up. Later in the week, the contestants go to the match-up ceremony, where the girls or guys (it rotates weekly) pick the one person they think is their “perfect match.”

For each perfect match, a beam of light appears. The contestants see how many matches they have, but don’t know which matches are correct and incorrect.

If all the singles find their perfect other half, they win- and all split- one million dollars: that totals $50,000 per person. They have 10 weeks to pair up perfectly, or they leave the house without any cash.

20 twenty-somethings living together in Hawaii with hopes of finding love has led to tears, laughter, love, and what the contestants call “The Boom-Boom Room.” On the season finale, the contestants matched up all 10 correct matches! They won $50,000 each- and some even found love.

The Reunion Special aired on Tuesday at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Are the couples still living happily ever after, or does love only last in a tropical paradise? Some couples have broken up, but Ethan and Amber got engaged!

Congrats to the couple: do you think it will last?