Anchorman2 gold

Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues will open in theaters for the second time this weekend and run for one week.

IMDB reports the film’s estimated budget was  $50,000,000 and grossed  $125,118,135 in the US. Advertisements for the reboot tout nearly 800 new jokes.

It seems IMDB is part of the renewed marketing campaign. The site’s logo dawns Burgundy’s signature mustache while the “Coming Soon” page sports Anchor Man wallpaper.

The site even upgraded the movie’s page, adding tabs to purchase tickets, cop swag, and  learn more about the fictitious news team.

Anchorman  quickly became a cult favorite when it was released 10 years ago, but the sequel struggled surprise audiences.

Anchor Man 2 calls back nearly all of its predecessor’s gags, including the news team rumble in the park.

The freshest part of the film was the evolution of Brick (Steve Carell) who falls in love with his equally peculiar counterpart, Chani Lastname  (Kristen Wiig).

In an interview with Empire magazine, director Adam McKay makes it clear there is little chance audiences will see an Anchorman 3. McKay says that the working reunion was pleasant, but the franchise has run its course. He expressed a desire to explore “new characters and new worlds.”

Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues will run in theaters now through March 6, 2014.