Nielsen Group has released a recent report showing the trends for smart devices. The study looked at base market shares, recently acquired market share, and plans to purchase. The results showed that not only does Android hold the market share all the way around, but more people plan to purchase an Android than an iOS.

Six months ago, reports indicated that the Apple iOS was the most desired. It held the market over Android. The most recent reports, however, indicate that Android is now taking over the first place slot.

The reports showed that Android, which was at 26% on the desirability scale, now holds 33% of the market for desirability. That translates into 50% of the market share for recently purchased smartphones and 37% of the base market share.

Apple, which held the number one place on desirability with 33% of consumers wanting an iPhone six months ago, has slipped into second place. It now carries desire for 30% of the market. The report shows that 25% of recent purchase were Apple iPhones. Apple holds 27% of the base market share on smartphones.

In a struggling third place show, the RIM Blackberry holds desirability for 11% of the market, down from 13% just six months ago. Blackberry now holds 22% of the market.