As expected, Google unveiled its new Android TV at Google I/O a short time ago.

Google tried unsuccessfully to break into this market in 2010 with Google TV. Problems with the device included its smartphone-like orientation.

Android TV will be the exact opposite, offering users a personalized media experience much like its competition, including Amazon Fire and Roku.

This device will center around recommending content and providing an easy to use interface to give users the ultimate multi-media platform.

The interface will consist of cards, each card having a category like movies, music, games and so on.  Clicking on a card will bring you to the choices for that category.

The interface can be controlled from a game controller, remote, app or an Android Wear watch.  It will also have a voice function for hands-free operation (which is cool if your playing a game or holding a baby).

In addition, just like Chromecast, you can send information or content between devices.

Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Google’s own apps, like Hangouts and YouTube, will be available on the device.

Google is working with Asus and Razer to design the set-top boxes, which will be available in the fall.

As of now, all Phillips TV’s and Sony 4K televisions support Android TV.

Consumer Press will continue to report on this ongoing story, so check back with us.

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