Angry birds is headed to space. NASA has released a video on YouTube taken from the International Space Station (ISS) with a preview of the game.

On the video, astronaut Don Pettit shows what will be different about Angry Birds in Space. Primarily it’s the physics. In space there is no gravity to give those Angry Birds that classic arc as they fly through the air. Pettit explains why birds shot in a straight line, or trajectory, curve on earth, “Gravity will attract an object if it’s moving in a straight line, and it will no longer move in a straight line. It gets bent in a curved trajectory.”

Pettit demonstrates on the video (below) what will happen when the birds are shot from a slingshot in space. A straight line. However, he also mentions that the game will include “gravity fields from planetary bodies,” which, as shown at the end of the video, will put another twist in the game.

Angry Birds in Space is due out on March 22. It will be available for Android, Mac, iOS, and PC operating systems.