Angry Birds On Facebook, Free Power-Ups Offered During Launch

Angry Birds On Facebook, Free Power-Ups Offered During Launch

The immensely popular app game Angry Birds is now available on Facebook. The game’s maker, Rovio, will be giving away free “power-ups” to players that sign up on Facebook from now to February 16.

Angry Birds on Facebook will have a few extras that the regular app doesn’t. It will include additional social and competitive features, new power ups, and levels that are exclusive to the Facebook version of the game.

Angry-Birds-On-Facebook-The social aspect will be one of the biggest changes in the game. Players will be able to compete with their Facebook friends, publish their scores on their Facebook page, and give friends “mystery gifts” of power-ups, according to Rovio.

Petri Järvilehto, SVP of Game Publishing at Rovio, said of the Angry Birds on Facebook launch:

“This launch is just the beginning for Angry Birds on Facebook. We have great new features and gameplay lined up for the fans in the upcoming weeks. Angry Birds on Facebook will offer a unique experience for our fans, and we’re really excited to finally be on the platform.”

The Valentine’s Day launch will make the game available to Facebook’s approximately 845 million users.

As part of the launch festivities, Rovio Is giving away 14 free power-ups to Facebook users who play Angry Birds on Facebook between now and February 16.  Power-ups are an increase in power or special abilities that can be used to help defeat the evil green pigs.

The game is free on Facebook, though certain power ups may be available for a cost in the future. While Rovio makes millions from advertising, the fastest growing segment of their business is in merchandising, according to the company. The power-ups and merchandising may be tied together at some point, with Angry Bird items being sold with promo codes that provide bonus power-up features.

The Angry Birds on Facebook app is located on Facebook at:

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