Angry Birds Star Wars Windows 8 updatedIt has been a while since Angry Birds Star Wars has been available on Windows Store, but the game hasn’t received any update from Rovio.

On the other hand, Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS and Android has been receiving new content in the form of updates frequently.

Rovio announced today that they are rolling out a big update for Angry Birds Star Wars gamers who have Windows Phone 8, and they’ll be presented with a lot of new features.

The game for Windows Phone 8 will welcome gamers to the world of new episodes, which includes the ones available in Cloud City and Hoth.

Apart from new episodes, gamers will also be able to unlock the Boba Fett Missions according to release notes. For the purpose, they’ll have to collect all the rocket packs that are hidden.

Angry Birds Star Wars can be downloaded on all Windows 8 platforms such as desktops and laptops running Windows 8 as well as RT tablets like Microsoft Surface RT.

You can download Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows 8 from here.