Animal Jam, a popular online social game for kids, has been hacked, according to users.

News of the most recent alleged hacking broke on YouTube almost two weeks ago.

One of the first to report the hacking, YouTuber AnimalJamVideos1234, has over 36 thousand subscribers.

According to her video, the hacking stopped her ability to communicate through Jam-A-Grams, trade items with other users, made it difficult to ‘buddy’ other users, and items such as her dens, animals, and ‘rare’ items from the game, were deleted.

Other Animal Jam users reported similar experiences and also blame it on the alleged hacking.

WisteriaMoonAJ, another avid Animal Jam/YouTube videographer, says she was hacked. She reports seeing someone actively using her account without her permission. She said her password was repeatedly changed after she would reset it, that several ‘rare’ items and a number of her buddies were deleted, and that the looks of some of her characters was changed.

A YouTube user that claims to be the hacker, Mighty Squad, posted a video naming his targets (a number of YouTubers who post regularly about Animal Jam). MightySquad also posts on Instagram, where they say they are a group of 43 hackers and their current ‘operation’ is against Animal Jam.

Now, you’ll notice I’ve used the word “alleged” often here. We don’t have proof of an actual hacking, and those who are reporting the hacking are all children, to the best of my knowledge. Though some of them are obviously accomplished YouTubers with impressive subscriber numbers.

MightySquad’s claim of responsibility, and threats to do more, add to the weight of the hacking accusations.

But is this all hysteria? Something that got started and took off based on hearsay?

Or is Animal Jam hacking a real concern that PARENTS need to be aware of?

Is private information about our kids, or credit card numbers for those of us that have bought memberships for our children, at risk?

Only Animal Jam, and their partner, National Geographic, can say for sure. We’ve contacted both Animal Jam support and National Geographic’s press office. Neither have responded to our requests for additional information.

Have you, or your kids, experienced being hacked on Animal Jam?  What do you make of Animal Jam’s silence on the issue?

Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Gina Andrews (SuperWriterAJ) contributed to this report.