Anime classic Ninja Scroll is returning to DVD and making its North American Blu-Ray debut just in time for Christmas, thanks to Section23 Films and Sentai Filmworks.

Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (The Animatrix), Ninja Scroll tells the story of Jubei and Kagero, a pair of ninjas in ancient Japan that become embroiled in an anti-government conspiracy involving demons, plagues, and other supernatural elements.

Jubei is at first reluctant to go on the deadly mission, but once fed a slow-moving poison, he is forced into action. The only way to gain access to the antidote and save his own life is to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and face whatever evils lie in wait.

Its original stateside release dating back to 1995, Ninja Scroll has long been dubbed a “gateway drug to anime.” Its return to DVD will be the chance for a whole new generation of (adult) viewers to become addicted to Japanese animation. Section23 calls the film an “insanely gore-packed orgy of violence that still stands alone and unchallenged as the ultimate anime action feature.”

Ninja Scroll will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 4 with both English and Japanese audio tracks. No preordering info yet, but stay tuned to Consumer Press and we will provide updates when the info becomes available.


Ninja Scroll is available for preordering at the anime/manga site Right Stuf on both DVD  and  Blu-Ray.