Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels announced earlier in the year that this season would be her last on the show. Tuesday night during the finale it was officially announced that tennis star Anna Kournikova would be taking her place.

Michaels told fans that she would be leaving the show after this season to focus on starting a family. Since that announcement there has been much speculation as to who would be taking her place as trainer. With the introduction of two additional trainers this season, Brett and Cara, it was wondered if one or both of them would be the replacement.

Rumors began early this week that Kournikova would be the new trainer for season 12 and that she was relocating from Miami to Los Angeles for the job. However, NBC declined to comment and would only say that an announcement would be made during Tuesday’s season 11 finale.

It was during this show that Michaels shared her final goodbyes. “It’s been such an honor working side by side with you guys and I’m eternally grateful,” her heartfelt goodbye began. Afterwards Kournikova made an appearance and was announced the newest trainer. She shared that she believed in the power of the mind to achieve results and that this was her chance to give back and teach the contestants all that she knows.

Kournikova has done more than play tennis. She is also a certified trainer that has worked with many fitness programs throughout the world.  She has worked in helping get kids active and moving.

Michaels will be featured on the show The Doctors and will also be a correspondent on the Dr Phil show. Brett and Cara will not be returning to the Biggest Loser.